We are an Australian-made lifestyle brand that’s driven by our ethical and sustainable ethos. We create nature-inspired scents, and we pair minimal design with conscious living.

Founded by Amy and Nick, Loess fragrances are made in Sydney and bottled in bespoke vessels. Our fragrances are naturally made from high-quality ingredients - no nasties, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and our packaging is ethically sourced and 100% recyclable.

We’re passionate about making positive changes for our planet. We're not perfect, but each day we're actively making conscious decisions within our business to lessen our impact on the environment, promoting more ethical and sustainable practices, and being part of the conversation.

A luxury that knows no bounds and encourages you to look within. That’s inspired by nature and the imperfect beauty of our raw and vast landscape. From the scents we create, to the impact we have on our land and the environment, we care about the consequences of our choices and actions, and believe in creating positive change for a better future.